14.9.2020 CAB Visit

Online | 12.30 Uhr bis 14.30 Uhr |

2030 CAREER SYMPOSIUM – Hot Spot für Studierende und Alumni/ae

The career symposium is dedicated to challenging issues in the fields of professional positioning and career development, the realm of organization and employment, and the interactions between education, society, economies for sustainable future development. It aims to foster a constructive discussion as well as networking opportunities between alumni from all over the world, as much as current students, professors, employers, and open-minded experts. Hosted by Jacobs University as part of the „homecoming“, this year’s online edition is open to students and alumni of all Bremen-based universities.

Welcome _ Predrag Tapavicki (Jacobs University)
Keynote_ Monika Blaschke (University of Applied Sciences Bremen)

„Land your dream job in Bremen: Virtual World Cafe”

Looking for a job, seeking the right environment responsive to a good idea, engaging with communities of expertise while studying in Bremen? The „virtual world cafe“ will host 6 tables or groups, organized as break-out-sessions, dedicated to communication, networking, and recruiting in-person, in social media (Linkedin: Kaan Akanat), in University-based networks (Jobteaser: David Froese), in networks of expertise (CAB: Maren Harstock and Bettina Pelz), and in Economies-based networks (N.N.).


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